It is impossible to be completely honest to your friends.

发布于:2021-10-26 04:44:21

AD:It is impossible to be completely honest to your friends. With the rapid development of human civilization, honesty becomes the vital part of moral integrity. People who always attach great importance to honesty, state that we should always be completely honest to our friends. As far as I am concerned, however, such an idea obviously goes to extremes, and I can’t convince my self to support that. Even though I disagree with that idea, I have to admit that under most circumstances, it is better for us to be honest to others especially our friends, for honesty breed trust which can keep and further improve the relationship among people. For instance, if a person keeps telling lies all the time he is not likely to be sincere and decent. I would avoid taking to him as much as possible, let alone make friends with him. Nevertheless, it does not mean that we should be completely honest to our friends.There exists exceptions which are not rare in our daily life. Sometimes white lies avoid hurting friends’ feelings. For example, one day, one of my friends spends a long time preparing a dinner for me and while eating she asks that how I feel about the dishes she cooks. Maybe the food is not that delicious. Instead of telling the truth, however, I would say that it is really a feast for me. Sometime the truth is harsh and does harm to our friends. For those occasions, in order to protect our from hurting deeply, we will choose to tell white lies to our friends. In addition, white lies also paly an crucial role in encouraging our friends. As is known to all people who are involved in problems, always except the encouragement from others.For example, if you have friend who is learning painting for a long time but don’t make any progresses. And he almost wants to give up painting. Under this condition, what you can do is telling him that he has made a progress and try again he can do it better. The “lies” you telling him may encourage him to keep trying, never give up, and may even become the motivate which leads him to success. To sum up, honesty is actually of great importance, but we should not be completely honest to our friends. As I have mentioned above, in some occasions we should sacrifice honesty for protecting our friends and encourage them.